What We Offer

Organizing Every Space

Walk-In Closets

Your personal closet is one of the most intimate places in your home. It might very well be the first and last place you visit each day. Your life is stressful enough already; if your closet organization is in shambles, there’s a good chance that your daily routine is suffering. Do yourself and your family a favor by de-stressing your closet to de-stress your day.

Reach-In Closets

You don’t need to have the biggest home on the block to have the most effective personal storage space. KC Closets can find a customized way to make the best possible use of whatever space you have available in your bedroom – or anywhere else in your home.

Nurseries & Children’s Rooms

As any parent knows, children quickly accumulate a surprising amount of clothing, toys, and other objects that sometimes need to be kept out of sight and out of mind. Of course, as they age, their needs often only increase. Thankfully, KC Closets can engineer a flexible storage solution that will grow with your children, ensuring your entire family a safe and comfortable environment. What’s more, exposing children to quality, efficient organization at a young age can provide them with a valuable lesson for life. Good organization is no accident.

Entryway's & Mud Rooms

KC Closets offers a full complement of safe, sturdy, and stylish organization systems that protect your valuables from dust, dirt, and damage. KC Closets can accommodate a wide range of sizes, styles, and budgets.

Laundry Rooms

If your laundry room in a constant state of chaos? KC Closets can help bring an element of elegance to even the most mundane household chores by outfitting your home with a formidable, stylish laundry room organization system that perfectly suits your family’s needs.

Kitchen Pantries

Many newly built or recently renovated homes are centred around their kitchens. In recent years, the kitchen really has become the centrepiece of contemporary living. No matter the size of your home, pantry space is doubtless greatly privileged. Fortunately, KC Closets has a number of ideas for incredibly functional, aesthetically pleasing pantries, kitchen cabinets, drawers, and more. Balancing style and functionality is always the first priority.

Our Product

Laminate and wood closet systems brings many elements to a space, adding function, style and most importantly longevity. With many options such as: radius corner rods, adjustable shelves, soft close and full extension drawers as standard, solid wood fronts, crown molding and unlimited accessory options, you can bet we thought of everything. Our durable construction (shelving ranging from 5/8” to 3/4” in thickness), and quality European hardware provides assurance that the beauty of these storage systems is more than just aesthetic. Best of all you can be confident that we stand behind our products. Every part of every KC system is backed for life by our Free Replacement Policy.


2D & 3D Renderings

2D & 3D renderings gives you the ability to view the space as it would actually look after installation. All closet designs provide you with full detail including color choices, hardware options, exact measurements and an overhead walk though to see the space from an elevated view. Taking any uncertainty out of the equation!